Hans-Peter Becker

Hans-Peter Becker is a professional drummer, educator, author and entrepreneur. It’s his personal mission to connect the world with music – and he’s succeeding. He is the founder of the Modern Music School, which is one of the largest music schools in the world. In its more than 80 international branches, Modern Music School has taught more than 100,000 musicians in Germany, US and Greece since 1987.

He has worked with Hohner/Sonor as International Education Manager & Consultant and founded the Los Angeles Music Academy (LAMA). LAMA offers full-time professional programs, from Professional Diplomas to Bachelor of Music, to international students seeking a career in music. In 1997, Hans-Peter launched an early education program called “Kling Klong” and established the first DJ school of it’s kind, VibrA School of DJing in 2003.

Having coached more than 1000 teachers himself, Hans-Petercreated a comprehensive, modern curricula used in the Modern Music School’s own educational material. After founding the publishing company “Modu Publishing” in 2008, all text-books for Drums, Guitar, Bass, Keys, Vocals and DJing are now published in-house.
His latest books, “Unleash the Secret of Education and Learn how to Raise a Happy Child” and “7 Things you need to know, before starting music lessons”, are available in German and English. Part parenting, part music theory, “Unleash the Secret...” sheds new light on child development and education, whereas “7 Things...” helps parents (and musicians of all ages) to better understand what to look for when choosing a music teacher.

More about Hans-Peter Becker: hanspeterbecker.com

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