George Kollias

George Kollias is a world touring drummer-clinician-educator, member of the legendary metal band Nile and drum instructor at Modern Music School.

Born in August 1977, he started at the age of ten as a guitar player and picked up the drum set at the age of twelve. He also started his first band at the same age doing several local shows and live sessions for other bands.

He joined Nile back in 2004, recorded 4 albums with them and helped them to lead the world’s extreme metal scene. Nile’s unique musical and lyrical approach established their name as one of the most technical bands for live performance and studio.

George has years of studio experience and has recorded with multiple bands such as Tyr, Cerebrum, Ade, Outloud, Sickening Horror, Nightfall and many others. He has performed in many countries around the world and at the biggest festivals in Europe and United States, as well as big festivals in other countries such is Japan, Chile, Indonesia and more.

His two instructional DVDs Intense Metal Drumming and Intense Metal Drumming II established George as one of the top metal drummers worldwide and his DVDs stayed at the top selling Instructional DVDs for months. Both DVDs faced great reviews from the drumming press and magazines like Modern Drummer, Drum! Magazine, Drum Scene, Drumhead Magazine and others. George’s DVDs got also a great support from the fans around the world making George’s name grow as a very important instructor, influencing thousands of drummers.

George’s busy schedule with Nile touring worldwide didn’t stop him from doing many drum clinics worldwide, clinic tours in Germany-Italy-Australia-Japan and other countries, big drum festivals such as London Drum Show, Adams Drum World, International Percussion Festival, Australia’s Ultimate Drummers Weekend and more, as well as big Drum-Camps like the Sick Drummer Camp and the Big Drum Bonanza.

His first solo album reveals George’s multi-instrument talent and composing abilities with George composing all the music-lyrics and performing all instruments himself.

George is endorsed by Pearl drums, Sabian cymbals, Vic Firth sticks, Evans drumheads, Axis pedals, Extreme headphones and Serial Drummer clothing. His signature products include the Vic Firth SGK signature sticks and the Axis George Kollias Edition pedals.

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